The challenge

How can we scale the collecting of feedback, the exchange with stakeholders and customers from one team to many teams without losing the developer’s motivation and without investing a great amount of time?

As soon as we are working in an environment where several teams are working on something together, a simple review per team is not sufficient anymore. We require a new format which enables us to bring the work of all teams involved together.  We try to actively gather feedback, exchange opinions with stakeholders, customers, colleagues and different teams and jointly rethink the further product development. In order to
satisfy our customers and continuously deliver value, we frequently need to get their feedback.

Bazaar - What is it? 

A Bazaar is an efficient way to rapidly gather feedback from a large group of stakeholders, customers, colleagues and different teams. The bazaar ideally takes place in a large room with multiple areas, each staffed by representatives, where applications / projects / innovations / technologies / features are shown and discussed.
The possibilities are endless.
You might wonder how such a bazaar could take place?  It’s actually quite simple! Keep the following four main elements of a Bazaar in mind:

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Results of the daily work are presented, people can try out functionality, feedback is gathered or whatever serves the bazaar’s purpose.

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The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.

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Choose the time wisely to get the people involved aligned in an early stage and the gathered feedback can be considered.


Bazaar formats

Application bazaar / Product bazaar: For product companies or teams who work together on a product and need to integrate their work as well as gather feedback from stakeholders, customers, users, ...

Project bazaar: For project organizations like consultancies where teams work in different projects but still need feedback, transparency and knowledge transfers across the projects.

Innovation bazaar:
For companies from one or different industries who want to find new ideas and develop new innovations that will revolutionize their way of working.

Tech bazaar: For individuals, startups and interest groups who are specialized in a technology and want to discuss the newest trends and approaches. Drive the technology through collaborative experiments to the next level.

Feature bazaar: 
for product companies or teams who work together on one or more product features. For each feature  several feedback rounds take place in parallel. Attendees inspect the potentials or weak points to increase the value of the feature and optimize it further.

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